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Social Contribution

Corporate Social Responsibility
the GMTECH Hope Maker CSR Program
pairs all employees 600 children and adolescents from low income families in the Kyungbuk Province area to provide economic and moral support continuously.

In addition to monthly economic assistance, employees meet with their counterparts regularly and visit their homes to provide vitally needed home improvements.
They also help their counterparts develop their natural talents to become good citizens and even help to pay medical expenses in emergencies. In addition, the GMTECH Customer Centers around Korea have organized a program that improves the living environment of needy families since 2006. Each month, Center employees visit selected families to repaper walls,
lay new linoleum, put down tiling and so on. The Customer Centers have received numerous plaques of appreciation from local communities as a result of this program.

Environmental & Safety Education GMTECH runs various educational programs for children to raise their appreciation for the importance of safety and the environment. The Happy Green School program offers classes on the environment and experiential programs help the children to foster a love for nature from an early age and to acquire eco-friendly living habits. Systematic environmental education support is provided to primary school students in the greater Seoul Area. We are also leaders in the effort to instill safety awareness in children. Employees volunteer to act as crossing guards and to lead safety experiential activities for children who are attending primary schools near worksites.

Environmental Preservation Activities GMTECH is offering nature’s blessings to customers while at the same time preserving the natural environment for all. GMTECH has adopted a 330m² section of Seoul Forest for regular care throughout the year (managing wetland plants, picking fruits, weeding, raking leaves and winterization), while worksites around the country take responsibility for regular cleanups of a local mountain and stream in the vicinity. In addition, the company-sponsored programs are being expanded to include environmental education, natural disaster relief support, and forestation projects. Four times a year, a Happiness Sharing with Families event is held, allowing employees and their family members to spend quality time while taking part in environmental protection activities together.

Global CSR Activities GMTECH continues to expand its scope of work at locations outside Korea, prompting the need for greater involvement in local communities. A regular effort is made to strengthen goodwill in communities near worksites as well as to cultivate the sensitivities of the local children. We donated 500 Arabic editions of books on Korean culture and provided school supplies and books on various subjects to the Dumai Primary School in Indonesia and a Korean school in Kuwait.

We also sponsored a high school football tournament in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. GMTECH is reconstructing the oil refinery and programs such as these to improve the company image in the eyes of the public.