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Waste collecting and transportation

Business Overview

  • To collect general / designated waste from their generation points and transport them to the tratment site

Waste subject to Treatment

General waste from plants (solids)
Designated waste from plants (liquids)

Procedures to Collect and Transport General / Designated Waste

Operations prior to Waste Collection and Transportation

  • General waste from plants
  • ㆍTo identify production process characteristics and waste generated by visiting the waste dischage plant prior to collection and
     transportation of waste

    ㆍTo conclude a contract after checking waste discharge permits and the results of test conducted according to waste process
     testing methods together with waste discharge report completion certification

  • Designated waste from plants
  • ㆍTo check waste discharge facilities and precention facilities at a plant and the competent administrative offices for the plant

    ㆍTo check waste generation characteristics and the appearance of designated waste (manufacturing process characteristics,
     whether the waste solid or liquid, storage containers and their condition,amount of waste generated and whether or not it is
     subject to report)

Collection and Transportation


  • Companies requiring collection and transportation of general and designated waste from plants