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GMT R&D Center

Leading Environment Policy Research for Smart Convergent society! Environmental Assessment Advancement for realizing sustainable development! IT Convergence & Complex systematic construction by Environmental Big Data Analysis and research National Competitiveness Strength Strategy and Realization method!

As the market is rapidly changing, we emphasis on R&D for construction development, equipment, material and we prepare to become Environment solution specialty company which is leading future environmental industry.

1st Develop business technology item,
2nd Secure specific sourcing,
3rd, Strengthen technology support against the site

GMT R&D Center Overview

R&D Planning
  • - Policy and market monitoring
  • - Policy suggestions and business support
  • - R&D project development and execution
Research Areas
  • - Industrial waste & by-product recycling
  • - Oil sludge recycling
  • - CO2 recycling
  • - OSCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) recycling
  • - Biodegradable cleaner