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R&D Performance

Eco-Industrial Parks Construction Business (EIP Business Team)

Research titles Study period Remarks
Recycling network construction for Industrial used cooling tower filler 2014.09.01~2015.08.31 Korea Industrial Complex Corporation(Processing)

Medium and small firm technical development business

Research titles Study period Remarks
Sand filter element discharge process development: Double type vacuum separator 2014.11.01~2015.07.31 Product process technical development Biz. (Application)
Crushing facility development for cooling tower filler recycling 2013.06.01~2014.05.31 Industry-Academic cooperation technical development
SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) On-site recycling equipment 2012.05.08~2014.03.07 Technology founder promotion support biz
Mobile filter cleaning device development as converging chemical cleaning technology and sand filter size screening technology 2012.09.01~2013.01.31 Small and medium convergence R&D plan mentoring

Gyeongsangbuk-do business strategy, industry promotion

Research titles Study period Remarks
Water treatment process oil ratio control and used sand filter element recycling technical development 2015.01.01~2015.12.31 Steel convergence new-technical R&D compound(Application)
Blasting nozzle cleaning development to discharge Tar from Heater exchanger 2013.06.01~2013.09.30 Pohang Techno-Park commercialization production support biz

Own business

Research titles Study period Remarks
ARC system development 2014.01.01~2014.07.31 GMT R&D
Sealed facility pipeline blockage blasting removal technical development 2013.06.01~2014.12.31 GMT R&D